Robby Silcox


Skilled troubleshooter and problem solver on set to keep things moving smoothly and safely in order to meet client needs. 


Currently residing in New York City, Rob is available for hire throughout the Tri-state area, New England and beyond as the director of photography, gaffer and assistant camera/operator.

Also specializes in conceptualization-to-post feature producing with a specific focus on complex lighting scenarios, camera setups and shot design. This includes a knowledge of scene and script analysis and talent direction. Extensive experience throughout production team from grip to gaffer to camera team working as cinematographer to camera assistant and operator. Proficient in film editing and a working knowledge of special effects rendering.



Award winning cinematographer with a sharp eye and creative mind. Able to work with director to develop the visual style and create stunning images quickly and fluidly. Familiar with all styles of camera operation, from gritty handheld to cinematic dolly, Steadicam and crane work. Specializing in lighting and shot design. 


Experienced freelance gaffer that has been hired for feature and short films, music videos, commercials, reality television and more. Can utilize many different styles of light to achieve looks from any part of the style spectrum. Well versed in G&E gear and practices including anything from camlok distribution to overhead diffusion and more.


Received degree in Film Production. Freelance camera and lighting work on music videos, commercial advertisements, news broadcast and more. Hired in 2014 by Back9network and stayed on until network ceased production in 2015. Went on to create and produce short films with Milkbar Films. In 2018 founded Young & Grumpy, a production studio in Bushwick, where he continues freelancing and creating films.

Extensive experience in sketch comedy, segment and series production, and documentary feature production for both online publication and national broadcast. Extensive experience in organizing and planning the visual story and subtext with an eye towards the compositional aesthetics of the frame.

To book Robby give him a shout at robby@theyoungandgrumpy.com