Camille Workman

Dancer - Choreographer


A New York City Resident for 13 years Camille has numerous credits to her name. After graduating from NYU she quickly attained a role in the Lion King on Broadway, where she would spend the next 5 years dancing with some of the top names in the industry, not to mention the countless projects and shows that she was a part of in her off time.

Camille went on to dance in multiple Broadway shows. In 2016 she decided to find projects with more meaning and care and left Broadway to work with people like Kenny Ingram, Carlos Dos Santos and so many more.

These days she’s taking here extensive experience on stage and applying it not only to her current shows but also to explore fitness and body care as well as masterclasses and personalized training for those looking to brush up or for amateurs looking to show off at their next party, wedding or audition.

Camille also applies her years of experience in the dance world to take incredible dance photos that highlight your natural ability and style while still focusing on your technique and form.

Whether its headshots, engagement photos, dance photography, or anything in between, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and some amazing shots for whatever you need.

To check her availability give her a shout at

Courtesy of Filmpac

Courtesy of Filmpac